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GINN Tribute hosted by ANNIKA

Haha…….I lived in an island this week. There were so many crocodiles in this golf course….so scary.  I couldn’t even imagine what if my ball lies next to one……ha. Actually, there was a major thing going on this week………which was that I had a big argument with my dad…….we almost fought each other on the car……….He was so unreasonable……..I almost had a stroke……….but I thought my dad might have one already…….haha. maybe I am still in my adolescence……….couldn’t listen to their criticism………especially when they critized me behind my back….maybe they just wanted to piss me off. Maybe I should calm myself down and got myself ready for the next tournament - McDanold’s LPGA Championship. I was wondering if there is unlimited hamburgers and Chickn Nuggets……haha…….Exicited about next week……..come on…… more fighting…..I have been criticised since I was a kid…….

One more thing was that there was a top ranked pool player ask me to play pool with him…..maybe I should change my answers in “Quick 18 with  Yani” about being good at pool and wanting to be a pro pool player. hahah……so many people asked me to play pool with them. Maybe I should buy a pool table at home so I can practice when I am off…..don’t want to lose face……..

McDonald LPGA Championship
Congratulations to the Rookie of the Year…….!!hahah…..I am the champion…….haha….happy….really really happy.ruby00094-300x200 Rookie Blog 4
Even though I smiled at so many cameras and signed autograph till my muscle cramped……..I already feel like there will be a very busy schedule following up……I wasn’t thinking about much at the beginning of the tournament, wasn’t thinking about winning either…..just try to hit every shot a good one. When I missed the birdie putt at the 18th hole, I thought I had lost…….never thought about there was a chance for playoff…….I was so nervous when I played the first playoff hole. I was shaking…It was good that my caddie, Sherry Lin, told me that it’s OK to be nervous….she was chatting with me during the playoff. I then really felt relaxed from that on. Speaking of playoff, I was pretty confident about it….they told me just play like I was playing in amateur tournaments. I played numerous playoffs when I was an amateur. My winning percentage is about 90% haha….Maybe I am pretty good at playoff….. I stared at the trophy during each playoff hole…haha…’s mine eventually. But there is even one bigger secret about how I win the champion….which is that I touched the trophy before the playoff and I even told the trophy that I am going to bring you home….hahah…..

Celebration Parties
There was one party at my home and there was one in San Diego. Today I went back to my country side home town to have a party…….everyone there can’t wait to see me…….haha…I was so happy…..everybody was there waiting for me….I really feels like at home……I like the feeling…….Thanks for all of you coming to my party….but I didn’t get a chance to grab a bite…..don’t even have time for it. Kept taking pictures and signing autographs… famous smiles were all over the place…….hahaimg_55261-300x199 Rookie Blog 4
The party in San Diego: there were so many big shots there; my coaches, friends, and even two Hall of Fame players and there were more important people that I didn’t even know them…..Everybody was here celebrating my victory. …..I was really happy that I could share the pleasure of my champion with every one. By the way, there was only one thing that I didn’t satisfy with the party…….how come there was no one preparing champagne for me when everyone else was drinking champagne…….May be I was not old enough to have a drink??

US Open at Torrey Pines
Maybe it’s because of the McDanold victory, I got a chance to walk inside the rope with Adam Scott, Phil, and Tiger during the US Open at Torrey Pines and walked with them for the entire 18 holes………haha…..sounds like I was important person too…….haha.. But it’s a great honor to walk with them……Tiger’s mental game is way too strong, it’s unbeatable. He could even save par for the ball lied inside the valley……incredible….But the most important thing today is that I got a chance to meet with the No. 1 good-looking golf pro, Adam Scott…..he is so handsome….can’t really breath when I first saw him…….good thing I took a deep breath before I met him, otherwise I had to call 911 for emergency……I even shake hands with him……haha……I don’t want to wash my hand today all day…..Thank you, Dottie and Tomo-san for arranging this wonderful opportunity.

Wegmans LPGA
Long time no see….it’s been a really busy week for me. I was back to the tournament. There were so many people congratulated me during the tournament, it feels good. Thanks for all the fans for recognizing me and greeting me……..Things have been changing around me…..hope I can still be myself. This was the first time paired up with Annika. I was standing there for 10 second when I saw the pairings. My friends can’t understand why I get so excited. But finally I can compete with her in the same group….it’s cool.

US Women’s Open

Haha.. Finally it’s US Women’s Open. I was very excited and confident because of I came here for practice rounds two weeks ago. I knew every detail about the course; where the wind going to come from, where the dogs were going to bark at us at certain holes….I knew everything….haha….just kidding.

Actually, my arm was hurting badly…….don’t know why, just hurt. My tendon and muscle were going to explore when I hit balls. I was really sad……because I had been expecting to play well at the Open, and I missed cut twice when I was an amateur. I was crying when I came here to practice….I was sad because I thought I knew how to play the course, but I couldn’t execute it. I couldn’t help myself. My doctor told me that he would not let me play if this was not for the US Women’s Open. I felt useless, I was hurt…..why couldn’t I just be like Tiger in the US Open. I wanted to just let it go and play my game…but subconsciously, I couldn’t do it. Too bad, I broke my own record in a bad way, this was the first time I fell out of top 30 in a tournament since I joined LPGA. It’s really $%^$&%^.

Going Back to Taiwan for 10 Days

Going back to Taiwan!! It’s gonna be a busy trip, with fully loaded and non stop schedules. Before I won the tournament, I thought I could take a little break, but after winning the tournament, there was not even one minute that I could take a break. Even the facial massage was in a rush. I had two press conferences the second I arrived in Taiwan, and then had to meet with the President of Taiwan. The President did not know how to play golf, hopefully I can teach him play some day and make him enjoy the game of golf. I didn’t get much sleep when I was in Taiwan, met the friends I had to meet, had several dinners with other people. My 10 days in Taiwan was done that way…..only one word to describe my trip “BUSY”.

I was hoping that I can go back to the US to really take a break, but I still miss all of my family and friends in Taiwan. The only thing that pissed me off was that I didn’t get any chance to eat the things I have been wanting to eat… maybe we should ask all the people who want to have dinner with me to set up our dinner meeting at the “Night Market (street vendor)”….we don’t have to go to high quality restaurant…..haha…..just kidding.

Wow….finally I got back to the US, I could finally take a break and relax a bit. I was thinking about just meeting few friends and had a little vacation in Taiwan……it’s all impossible. I felt different when I came back this time. It felt like I have not been back for a long long time, felt tired.  Taking a long flight makes me tired……it seems like everything is starting all over again. I never felt that way before……..maybe it’s been a long time for not even touch any club. I will get myself ready for the game, because we are going to go to France.  A trip to France!! Haha, by the way, this was the first time I got hurt, had to see doctors everyday. The good thing was that there were FOUR doctors helping me at the same time. I cant even see all 4 of them at the same time before, but because my schedule was so busy, they all worked their schedule around for me……MRI…X-Ray..CT Scan, and etc. Cool….I really appreciated for all your support.
I will try to sneak back to Taiwan next time, and no one will even notice I am back…hahaha….
I should put this one in the fresh release section…….should be good…..haha…..
Sorry for the late submission……My fresh Blog is on now……Hope you will enjoy them.


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